Café Bioethics is an intellectually accessible forum where individuals, who do not necessarily have a background in bioethics, medicine, or law, can participate in laid-back philosophical discussion. Monthly events are welcome to anyone looking to participate in respectful discussion or curious listening!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved Café Bioethics online. So far, our conversations have revolved around pandemic ethics during the COVID-19 Spring Series. 

On Confinement
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Duty to Care: Is there a limit?
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Is criminalization justified for the sake of public health?
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Who gets the ventilator?
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The Utility of a Bioethicist
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Are Pandemic Ethics Actually Ethical?
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The Costs of Social Distancing
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Protecting the Vulnerable: Beneficence or Paternalism?
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Café Bioethics: Biobanking and Informed Consent
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