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Café Bioethics Podcast

Our podcast is simply an audio collection of interesting conversations with the Café Bioethics team, fascinating interviews with prominent bioethicists, and narrations of our publications.


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COVID Collection - Narrated

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Coming soon

Listen to our publications in a narrated format. Coming October 2021.

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What is Black Bioethics? - Dr. Keisha Ray

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July 2021

Keisha Ray, PhD, received her PhD in philosophy from the University of Utah and is currently an assistant professor with the McGovern Center for Humanities & Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Most of Dr. Ray’s work focuses on the social and cultural determinants of Black people’s health, integrating race education into medical school curricula, and the ethics of biomedical enhancement. She has contributed to peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes, and textbooks, and currently has two monographs in progress on racial disparities in health. Dr. Ray also serves as an associate editor of the American Journal of Bioethics blog site to which she is also a regular contributor.

Twitter: DrKeishaRay


Global Health Ethics - Dr. Sridhar Venkatapuram

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July 2020

Dr. Sridhar Venkatapuram is a Senior Lecturer in Global Health and Philosophy.  He is based at the King's Global Health Institute, where he is Director of Global Health Education & Training.

His academic training is in a range of disciplines, including International Relations (Brown University), Public Health (Harvard University), Sociology (Cambridge University) and Political Philosophy (Cambridge University). His doctoral dissertation on the philosophical argument for a moral/human right to 'the capability to be healthy' was examined and passed without corrections by Amartya Sen, Nobel laureate, economist and philosopher. It formed the basis of his first book, Health Justice: An argument from the capabilities approach, published in 2011 by Polity Press. 

Sridhar has also been at the forefront of public/global practice and policy for over twenty years. He was a pioneer of the health and human rights movement as the first researcher at Human Rights Watch to examine HIV/AIDS and other health issues directly as human rights concerns (1992-1997).

Twitter: sridhartweet

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