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What's something you think people should be thinking about?

SUBMIT your paper in 1000 words or less to help us establish our online library of Bioethics Briefs!


We’re looking to build a robust collection of articles that are easy to understand and enjoyable to read for those within and beyond academia. Approach this task as if you were explaining an ethical dilemma to a friend.

What are we interested in?

Future of Medical Assistance in Dying

Role of bioethics in advocacy

Regulation of gene-editing technologies

Solutions for loneliness

"Right to try" experimental drug therapies

Environmental ethics

Limits of procreative beneficence

Artificial Intelligence

If in doubt, submit anyways! We are always looking for fascinating ideas!

Accepted papers will be published on, shared on our social media, and included in our newsletter. 

  • The content of your piece should be no longer than 1000 words. 

  • The paper should read like a commentary.

  • The readability, clarity, cohesiveness, and depth of your writing will be valued. 

  • Please hyperlink your references in your document. Extensively referenced papers are discouraged. 

  • We encourage submissions from early-career thinkers. Previously written (but not published) essays revised to meet the above criteria are welcome!

How to Submit:
  • Please email your .docx file to

  • Due to the ongoing interest, we are happy to say this call for papers is ongoing! Pitch an idea or submit anytime!

Review Procedure: 
  • Submissions will be acknowledged by email within 24 hours. 

  • Peer reviewers on the Café Bioethics team will review and notify the sender of whether the paper is accepted or not. 

  • If the paper is accepted, the sender will receive an edited draft soon afterwards and will be expected to submit another draft within a reasonable time-frame - aim for within a week!

Do you need some inspiration?

Ready to submit or have a question?

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