What is

Café Bioethics?

Café Bioethics started as an intellectually accessible forum where individuals, who do not necessarily have a background in bioethics, medicine, or law, can participate in laid-back philosophical discussion. Everyone has a stake in what we talk about, so why not engage with everyone?

With the enthusiasm received at the events, we're currently developing a podcast to continue our discussions about anything and everything related to bioethics. We're excited for you to join us as we explore the wondrous tangents that can result from philosophical discussion. Whether it's a Black Mirror episode or a sci-fi film from the 90s, grab a cup of coffee and join us!

Meet The Team

Nipa Chauhan

Founder & Head of Operations

As a recent graduate of the University of Toronto's MHSc in Bioethics, Nipa continues her role in the bioethics community by working within the Bioethics Department at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto as well as on the PoET Project at William Osler Health System. She also has completed an Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto, double-majoring in Bioethics and Human Biology: Health and Disease. 

Nipa is deeply passionate about women's health and the welfare of older adults, and conducts research in relation to both demographics. In addition, Nipa is enthusiastic about teaching and knowledge translation, as she assists in teaching undergraduate bioethics courses at University of Toronto. Known for her approachability, Nipa hosts intellectually stimulating live Café Bioethics sessions every month, offering a platform for everyone to feel welcome and invited to join in the discussion. 

Clara MacKinnon-Cabral

Producer & Media Coordinator

Clara has recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology and Art History. She is currently working and living in downtown Toronto while she volunteers in Dr. Moscovitch’s Cognitive Sciences Lab as a research assistant. Clara is an active traveller and engages in her community through participation in protests and public debates. She assists the climate change organization, Shake Up The Establishment in creating visually appealling graphic designs on the most popular social media platforms. As both a feminist and environmentalist, Clara’s future endeavours include clinical bioethics, policy-making and legal consulting.

Farhad Udwadia

Medical Student Rep & Copy Editor

Farhad is a medical student at the University of British Columbia and a graduate of Harvard Medical School’s Master of Bioethics program. He is deeply passionate about bioethics and research, currently working at Neuroethics Canada where he conducts research on novel neurotechnologies that aim to treat drug resistant epilepsy.


In the past, he has conducted research on topics such as the ethics of gene-editing in the developing world, bioethics education, end of life decision making, and involuntary treatment for opioid use disorders. He is also an active writer, currently serving as a staff writer for the University of British Columbia Medical Journal. In his free time, Farhad enjoys playing sports like rugby and squash and travelling.

Marisa Dorling

Undergrad Rep

Marisa enjoys the unique interdisciplinary academic space that is created by bioethics: she likes collaborating in discussions that bring together perspectives from diverse fields.

Outside of bioethics, Marisa's passions include academic research and cycling. She currently serves as the Canadian Bioethics Society university co-representative for UBC.

Samuel Dale

Copy Editor & Producer

As an undergraduate at University of Toronto, Sam majored in Bioethics and Human Biology and minored in Philosophy, finding a passion for leadership as the Vice President of the University of Toronto Undergraduate Bioethics Society and President of the U of T Gospel Choir. He also served as U of T’s Undergrad Representative to the Canadian Bioethics Society and as the Bioethics Liaison to the Philosophy Course Union.


Aside from his academic interests, Sam is an experienced canoeist and enjoys spending time in nature and admires the paintings of the Group of Seven. He is currently assisting Dr. Kerry Bowman with a requested publication on the vital importance of Indigenous sovereignty to the sustained existence of the Amazon.

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