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Café Bioethics is a bioethics forum for everyone. So why should only academics have space to engage with these issues? Help us create a library on our website full of short explorations of relevant bioethics issues. The point is for anyone to come across our library and get an understandable summary.


For example, is it ethically permissible for medical assistance in dying to be accessible to those with a primary diagnosis of mental illness? What's some relevant background info? Why is this important to talk about? What's your angle on the permissibility of the practice? What's your take on the opposition?


This is a great low-investment opportunity to start getting in the habit of publishing materials and beefing up your CV! We understand these topics are controversial, so if you'd like to publish anonymously, we can accommodate that too!


Send us an email anytime at with your issue of choice, and we'd be happy to send you a template so you can get to work! We'd like the contribution to be 500-750 words in length, and written as if you're speaking to a friend - after all, we'd like our library to be full of conversation starters!


Our new additions to the library will be sent out in a monthly newsletter so this way, your work can reach an audience and you can build a network to find even more opportunities!


Say hello on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or email us at anytime if you have any more questions! Thank you so much for all the support thus far, and we cannot wait to read your contributions to the library! 

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